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Professional Investment Advisory Services

Registered Investment Advisors in the State of Michigan

Our mission is to provide our clients with the guidance necessary for sound financial planning.  All of us at Pinnacle Investment Advisors, LLC are dedicated to helping our clients meet their financial goals.  We specialize in investment management and retirement planning.  Other services include insurance recommendations and implementation, advice on income tax, gift and estate tax, trusts, and mortgage issues.  Pinnacle Investment Advisors, LLC is registered to do business in Michigan and Florida.

Our approach is quite simple. We want to provide personalized investment service to all of our clients in a style where financial recommendations are easily understood by everyone involved. We feel that it is critical to first listen to all of your financial goals and objectives before making any judgments. Only after listening to your concerns can we begin to understand how to best approach your specific needs. Our goal is to earn your trust as a reliable and well-informed advisor. All of the managers of Pinnacle Investment Advisors, LLC are CPAs who are experienced in financial planning matters. As CPAs, we understand the importance of trust, integrity, professionalism and confidentiality when working with clients. We hope that by applying these basic principles we can earn your trust and provide a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime.